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Cyprus (Head Office)
249 Strovolos Avenue
Strovolos 2049, Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O .Box 27832, Engomi 2433, Cyprus

South Africa
Hydro-Comp Enterprises (SA)(Pty)Ltd
Bentley Office Park
Unit 5, Ground Floor
67 Wessel Road
South Africa

No 6A, The Courtyard
P/Bag X21, The Village

Villa57, Neighboring 4.District9
Al Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Hydro - comp headquarters location

What we do

utility industries

Systems & Services for Utilities

The company’s solutions address productivity enhancement and cost-efficiency– from integrated commercial and technical management systems to data validation and the reduction and control of non-revenue water in Water Utilities. The EDAMS range of management systems covers the commercial, technical and planning functions of the Utility, and seamlessly integrates with SCADA, GIS and ERP to provide a coherent enterprise system solution for the modern Utility.

Municipalities industries

Systems & Services for Municipalities

The EDAMS Municipal Infrastructure Management systems offer a comprehensive solution for both the Commercial department and the Technical Departments of the Municipality. The company’s solutions support the full set of services in the municipal domain such as electricity, buildings, structures, parks & public facilities, roads & pavement management, solid waste (SWM), sanitary / stormwater and water supply management.

Government Departments industries

Systems & Services for Government Departments

The EDAMS-Environmental Management system is ideal for departments under the ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment; it manages Geospatial Info, time-series measurements, licenses, permits, applications as well as water, ground and air quality data; associated services address the collection, management & reporting of Environmental Data and the efficient Operation of Government Environmental Sectors.


Asset Management Advisory Services to Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe

AM Cloud Solutions for Utilities

EDAMS Integrated Asset Management (IAM) Solution is offered on the cloud for small and medium size Utilities;
EDAMS-IAM systems are part of a flagship program being implemented in South East Europe (SEE) supported by the German Development Cooperation.
On project completion in 2021 more than 100 Public Utilities in the SEE region representing 5 million consumers will be using the EDAMS-IAM solutions.

Who We Are

Hydro-Comp is a consulting engineering and information technology company that specialises in the provision of consulting services and implementation of integrated management systems to the Government, Municipal and Utility services industry. The company’s solutions address productivity enhancement and cost-efficiency in its broadest sense – from integrated commercial and technical management systems to data validation and the reduction and control of non-revenue water in Water Utilities.

To develop the BEST technology and business solutions for Utilities, Municipalities and Government departments handling geographical information.

We endeavour to:

To provide means of continual improvement of the products and services provided.
To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances our reputation with customers.
To maintain an effective Management System complying with the International standard ISO 9001:2008.
To fulfil and maximize customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by Hydro Comp.

Hydro-Comp Enterprises realises that the challenges faced by Service Providers cannot be effectively solved by conventional means. A different approach, with a different set of tools is needed. Our primary focus is to get the basic building blocks right – the optimum combination of business practices, engineering methodologies and information systems. Our track record to date provides ample proof that we have indeed found the right formula.

Our philosophy embraces four fundamental building blocks that we feel epitomise our understanding of the industry and its needs to be analysed as a single, dynamic entity in order to meet the current challenges:

Specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding of technical and business practices at Utilities /Municipalities/ Government departments
Comprehensive methodologies based on the systematic application of basic business and technical techniques in addressing the problem.
Integrated information systems as a physical manifestation of this knowledge and an augmentation of it methodologies.
Consulting services to facilitate change at the Utilities/Municipalities through the application of these methodologies and information systems.
Outsourcing services to provide a risk-free low cost-of-ownership solution
Our News

Hydro-Comp Moves to China

Hydro-Comp has recently joined forces with SuperMap to provide integrated GIS-based solutions with future insight and advanced technology for Utility Management. SuperMap is a China based, GIS software products and…

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